Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ellie :D

So some updated phrases from Ellie (You can tell we are working on Potty Training :D)

1. She was at my parents last week, she came home and said "Grammy tried to feed me Tooter Tots (Tater Tots) but I didn't like them"

2. She now comes up and asks "Did you pee your pants, or put tooters in them" and " Benny poops in my pants, Mommy, not Ellie, Ellie puts hers in the big or little potty"

3. She told me "Mommy, you have my brother in your tummy, but what I really want is a sister, she is in my tummy so she will come faster"

4. Ellie: "Can I call Grammy?" Mommy: "Sorry, Grammy is at school." Ellie: "Well, then can I call Uncle Michael, Aunt Natalie, or Aunt April?" Mommy: "Sorry Ellie, they are in school too." Ellie: "Can I call Gumpy then, or is he at work?" Mommy: "Yep, sorry Ellie, he is at work." Ellie: "Well, then let me call Daddy, and don't tell me he is at work or school." Mommy: "Daddy is at school." Ellie: "Well, I'm getting busy then..."

5. "I'm getting to tired to pick up all the toys I got out, but guess what Mommy, Benny isn't" :D

6. Ellie "Mommy can I snuggle with you" Mommy "Sure!" Ellie "I'll be RIGHT back, let me get my blanky and myself" :D

7. "Mommy, your belly is big enough to float now."

8. Any time we run out of something "The store has that, let's go, I'll go get my penny for the horsey or for Larry/Bob" I think she thinks you can ride Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales like you do the penny horse.

9. "I just want to go with you" Said to which ever of us is leaving, and then "Well, you know Benny REALLY wants to go to, why don't we all just go?"

10. Grandma Vance came over last Thursday and made us a wonderful dinner, Ellie helped her make cookies. Before Grandma Vance left she was telling Ellie she had to go home and make dinner for her family. Ellie walks into the kitchen and says "Grandma Vance, are these for my fambily, or your fambily?" Grandma Vance tells her they are for us. "Oh goody, I really like cookies you know"

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Caitlin said...

#5 = my favorite!