Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Homeschooling...Here we go...


This begins our journey of homeschooling. I am excited, but very nervous about how this will all work. Hoping that keeping up with this blog will keep me somewhat "accountable" to continue with homeschooling this school year.

We have tons of resources thanks to Grammy, who "unloaded" her cupboards from when she was schooling us. It also brings back lots of fun memories of growing up and learning different things.

I was most nervous about homeschooling this year just because of the ages of our kids. However, Ellie (4) REALLY wants to learn how to read; and Benny (2) BEGS for ABC time everyday; Gabe (1) loves coloring and "doing" the crafts with us; and Abby (3 weeks) just loves being cuddled... And they are CONSTANTLY asking about crafts, "spearments" (experiments), and wanting to cook things.

Preschool can't be that daunting, can it? I decided to do some research online, and found TONS of GREAT sites that I can reference, and downloaded a ton of EXCITING worksheets and such to use.

Some of my current favorite resources include:

We also have most of the My Father's World set (, Bright Beginnings (, Before Five in a Row (, and list of recommended books (Sonlight (, My Father's World, etc...)

So here goes nothing, or something, not quite sure yet...Buckle up and enjoy the ride...Can't wait to find out where this adventure takes us...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day...nice and relaxing...playing at the beach at my parents, and just being with family...So excited to celebrate what an awesome Dad mine is, as well as the amazing Daddy my hubby is to our children...and VERY blessed to have my incredibly patient, kind, wonderful Grandpa with us too. :D

Here's to you David:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer...I wish

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I must admit, I am loving this being at home thing. :D We have spent so much time playing at parks, listening to the birds, going on expeditions, etc...Saturday we spent 3 hours playing at the park. The kids LOVED it. :D

It was fun watching Ben trying to keep up with Ellie. Seeing Gabe's first real experience on the grass when it was warm...he wasn't a big fan. I am sure it will grow on him, but it was so great to see him explore it and then want to be picked up so fast.

I must say, I can't wait until we close on our new house and are able to move it. It will be great to just go in the backyard or draw chalk on the sidewalk. We are getting close and very excited.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Well...have to say, I am a bit behind on this...Only excuse is that life has happened.

Ben turned One last April, Gabriel Daniel was born on May 6th, Elizabeth turned three in June, I went back to work from July to November (so glad to be home now), Our house sold in November, we moved in December, David graduated with his BSN in December. He is now working full-time at Saint Marys...

As much as I'm disappointed at the way things ended at work, I am soo very thankful to be home with my little ones now. And...with that...number four will be here in July :D We can't wait to meet our new little princess. That's for sure.

We are doing some school with Ellie, she is enjoying it immensely and always begs to do more. We are waiting to close on our new house. Hopefully in the next three to four weeks. We defiantly can't wait.