Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Well...have to say, I am a bit behind on this...Only excuse is that life has happened.

Ben turned One last April, Gabriel Daniel was born on May 6th, Elizabeth turned three in June, I went back to work from July to November (so glad to be home now), Our house sold in November, we moved in December, David graduated with his BSN in December. He is now working full-time at Saint Marys...

As much as I'm disappointed at the way things ended at work, I am soo very thankful to be home with my little ones now. And...with that...number four will be here in July :D We can't wait to meet our new little princess. That's for sure.

We are doing some school with Ellie, she is enjoying it immensely and always begs to do more. We are waiting to close on our new house. Hopefully in the next three to four weeks. We defiantly can't wait.

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