Thursday, February 25, 2010

God is here -- Even in the hard times

Had a good day today, minus Ellie not wanting Mommy to leave this morning. It is so hard to go with her in tears. I know these times go away all to fast and you just want them back...How do you not miss it all when you are at work all day?

My heart just breaks to for our friends who lost a father/daddy today. The reality of there story and walk with cancer just seems to close for comfort. I just can't imagine what they are going through. However, through it all they have "Praised you in the Storm." Prayers and petition definantly being sent there way through this very real storm...Makes my petition and prayer to the Lord on behalf of other friends and believers that have been through big storms recently even more etched in my mind as well. What a rough few months this has been. Makes me really wonder what is going on, feels like the devil really wants a hold.

It definantly opens my eyes to the strength and depth of relationship and trust they have with our Heavenly Father. I definantly "covet" that. An area to continue to grow in. Also, an eye opener that I especially still have some healing of my own to do after the last seven months. I have to say this is still a very real fear to me. It will probably take quite a while for me to continue to work through. To be totally honest, I don't know if after getting that cancer diagnosis if the fear will ever go away, or just continue to be a constant in the back of my mind.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Job

So...guess I should "start" with this...I started my new job yesterday at Saint Marys...It was great...

I am sooo excited to be back! I am really hoping we made the right choice for our family, and with life being so crazy.

Consistency just seems to be the key we have been missing. It will also be really nice to know what hours I am working and to be done at the end of the day. I won't have to come home and make phone calls or be on-call or any of that.

Also, David is doing very well with school and loving it! I think the homework and study time and such can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but that happens to everyone. He is doing so well and we are so proud of him!!

So thankful for radiation to be done and counting down the days for him to be back at the hospital working. God is so very good!

Benjamin is talking, crawling, and trying so hard to walk. Such a little cutie with such a great smile. Everything has him so excited. Today, he learned how to push the buttons on the little people boat so it sings. He was very enthralled.

Elizabeth is sharing, just really warms my heart to see her be so caring. I love all the little cute things she comes up with.

1. "Ellie painting her teeth" last night with her tooth brush and tooth paste.
2. I got home from work tonight and Ellie greets me with "Mommy, your home, I'm not, but you are, I'm visiting." She decided very quickly to be home so she could snuggy with Mommy. Then I got to read my little ones bed time stories with snuggles tonight...priceless...
3. Ellie asked for "Larry Bob (VeggieTales)" in the car and I put in the Juniors Bedtime Songs one, she says "Mommy, Benny doesn't like the nigh nigh one, we NEED the morning songs, well, I guess we can sing Twinkle, twinkle, cuz I'm beautiful at that one." :D
4. Ellie has made "Tigger all cozey with Daddy" :D Just as long as he "Listens and obeys right away" :D
5. So Ellie goes up to Daddy tonight "I want to watch a movie, Can I watch Abby Gadabby with you?" Daddy "Mommy, what is she saying?" Ellie "Mommy tell him please" Mommy "From Sesame Street" Daddy "Ohhh..." :D
6. "Mom, I'm getting busy playing, so I can't call Mimee right now." then she comes to me and says "Mommy I NEED to go potty in the little potty, but I can kubuz (because) I just can't" She is just too cute...
7. Ellie "The Doctor took the itches out of my eye, Mommy" referring to stitches on her left eye, pretty good for a 2 and a half year old :D
8. My two-year old sees the sitter this morning, grabs my leg and cries "can't I just go with you to work all day Momma" as much as I need a break sometimes, this always breaks my heart...
9. My mom takes Ellie to Family Christian Stores, she tells Ellie "Grammy loves you soo much Ellie, and we I don't see you I miss you so much, I haven't seen you all week." Ellie is really quiet, looks at Grammy and states "Everyone loves Ellie, Grammy." :D Too Cute :D
10. Drove around seeing all the "Christmas Came" with Ellie and Benny :D Sooo much fun, I love how she processes things :D
11. I was just informed by my two year old that we forgot to do school today and now her homework is going to be late, I guess I'm in trouble ;D

In Christ Alone...

I suppose I should not be surprised at how the Lord has provided for us this far, but it brings me to a place of amazement and wonder as I sit and think about all the gifts and blessings we have been given. Even amidst the struggles and "why God" moments we have had over the last several months. The Lord is good, his love really does last forever, his grace really is sufficient and new every morning...

This song was played at our wedding...what a great reminder everyday...