Monday, March 22, 2010

Can't Get Enough Ellie Stories...

Last Thursday Grandma Vance came and played with the kiddos. They sure had a blast, she shared this story on Saturday night with David when he went over to hang out with Greg...First a little background though...Ellie had kept her pants dry pretty much all day on Wednesday, and since Daddy doesn't get home until between 9:30pm and 10:30pm on Wednesdays we decided for a treat we would g to McDonalds and get Chicken Nuggets with apples and milk, of course...what better way to celebrate St. Patrick's day, right? Anyway, in her happy meal was a "cell phone" it had a mirror and lip gloss in it, Ellie was thrilled. She started playing with it on Thursday and apparently took it to the park with her. The only problem was, the coat she had on did not have pockets. She played for a while and all the sudden stated "Grandma Vance, my phone is ringing." Grandma Vance thought this was funny since she hadn't seen her bring the phone and knew she didn't have pockets. All of the sudden Ellie runs over to the steps, takes off her rain boot and pulls out her "cell phone" and starts talking on. She finishes her conversation, hangs up and puts it back in her boot. She proceeded to do this several times while at the park. Moral of the story I guess is 2.5 year olds can be very resourceful... :D

We have also learned she loves to be in on the conversation. She has started asking "And just what are you talking about?" and "What do you mean by that." and "Where exactly are we going?" and "Where are we?" and "Does this mean we all get to go, kubuz I REALLY want to go."

Today I went to pick up the kids after work, I arrived and started putting Benny and the bag in the car. Ellie runs off to the backyard, she wants to stay and play, she insists I must still have work to do and it is still time for me to be "bye bye". I catch her, really must have been a sight seeing me run after her in the backyard, I am lucky I didn't fall...anyway, I get her in the car and she says "Mommy, can I plepleplepleplease listen to Larry Bob?" I tell her "Thank you for asking so nicely, I need to call Daddy and then you can." She answers "Mommy, please don't call Daddy, I didn't listen and obey right away. I am sooooo sorry, I promise I won't disobey again, kubuz Daddy will be very angry with me." Needless to say, I still had to call David because he was trying to figure out if he needed to pick up the kids, but it was funny to see her think this through. David thought it was pretty hilarious too :D

This is Ellie's "fravorite Larry Bob song" right now...

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