Monday, March 01, 2010

Family's that Serve

In our church service yesterday they did foot washing. Talking about getting over yourself and serving each other...Jesus washed the disciples' feet as an example of becoming the lowest of servants. But equally important is the understanding that we must maintain a living relationship with the Head of the Body Who is Jesus Christ.

Who do we become humble to and become a servant to? This is a choice...Choosing to be a servant builds trust. How do we turn our everyday tasks into opportunities to serve and "wash each others feet"? "Washing feet" means that you have someone's back...

If you are a servant, you must let go of:
1. Power and Position - Will you give up everything? Philippians 2
2. Your Agenda - Are you willing to change your plans for the better of someone else?
3. Unforgiveness

I think one of the most touching things was watching Ellie wash her Daddy's feet. David washed and dried mine, and then I went to wash his. Ellie came up and helped us. It was sooo precious.

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